Painting Process

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Painting Process

Painting Step by Step. Our Process explained.

Setting up the interior: interior painting is mostly about colour and we want you to love your new paint job. We also know that the decorating experience is what will make or the paint job. The procedures below explain some of the interior process.


Furniture or smaller items will be removed. Furniture remaining in the area will be covered.

Floors are covered with painter’s drop-cloths. Clean ones are used for interior residential painting.

Hardware such as door knobs, electrical switch and outlet covers get removed or masked.

Flaking paint is scraped and sanded. Holes and cracks are patched with spackle.

Cracks in corners, baseboards and mouldings are caulked.

Repaired areas are sanded smooth and spot-primed.



Quality paint is applied carefully. We follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Two or more coats are applied as necessary.

Drying times are followed between coats.

Sufficient ventilation is for interior painting.



Masking tape and drop cloths are removed.

Floors are swept or vacuumed.

Furniture and hardware are placed back.


Garbage, tools and equipment are removed.



First our painters inspect the painted area for imperfections.

Then the customer will inspect it with the job manager.

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